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Welcome to the Dark.

Scarlet Radiance is a relaxing and minimalistic Metroidvania, with some light puzzle phases. You play as Scarlet, a shadowish form followed by devoted spirits, as you explore an empty and ancient temple.

You'll need to collect keys through the map to open the Final Door, but Scarlet isn't powerful enough to achieve that at first. Her spirits can interact with energy leaks to improve Scarlet with a few upgrades which will permit her to walljump, sprint and grab ledges to climb walls.

Note: Walljump have a limited number of jump. First walljump upgrade permit to jump twice ; second walljump upgrade permit to jump three times.

This game is an end-of-year project for my first year at e-artsup school, developed in about a month. There are a few bugs and improvements that are still on a task list (see below).


ActionGamepad (Xbox)
Gamepad (Playstation)
MoveLeft stick Left-Right / D-Pad Left-Right
Left stick Left-Right / D-Pad Left-RightQ-D / Left-Right arrows
Interact with energy leaks
Left stick Up / D-Pad UpLeft stick Up / D-Pad Up
Z / Up arrow
Puzzle: Chose circle
Left-Stick Up-Down / D-Pad Up-DownLeft-Stick Up-Down / D-Pad Up-DownZ-S / Up-Down arrows
Puzzle: Turn circle
Left stick Left-Right / D-Pad Left-RightLeft stick Left-Right / D-Pad Left-RightQ-D / Left-Right arrows
Walljump (once activated)
While in air, Jump + Direction
While in air, Jump + DirectionWhile in air, Jump + Direction
Sprint (once activated) BOLeft Shift
Climb ledge (once activated and grabbing a ledge)
Left stick Up / D-Pad Up
Left stick Up / D-Pad Up
Z / Up arrow
Drop ledge (once activated and grabbing a ledge)
Left stick Down / D-Pad DownLeft stick Down / D-Pad DownS / Down arrow

Known bugs/Improvements:

  • Due to time restriction, ghost jump is not implemented yet. You may expect some jump latency with low-performance machines and wireless gamepads.
  • A luminosity option is needed as the game is dark and some screens doesn't display the various white levels as intended, making the puzzle mechanic hard to understand.
  • Music and sounds need to be redone entirely.
  • Puzzle introduction is not implemented yet.
  • While sprinting, step sounds are not correctly coordinated with the animation.
  • Various informations needs to be clearer for the player: what keys are and what are their usage ; walljump endurance ; clearer upgrade indicators.

Install instructions

Download the zip folder, extract it and run "Scarlet_Radiance_1.1.exe". Enjoy !


Scarlet Radiance (Public Release 1.1) 74 MB

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